Athletic Performance

treadmill-2 computrainer


The Athlete Testing Package (ATP) is a comprehensive cardiovascular and fitness performance assessment. The information obtained provides the athlete with highly accurate physiological data that can be utilized to optimize training and improve performance.

VO2max and Lactate Threshold

The assessment includes a maximal graded exercise test performed on your bicycle attached to our CompuTrainer or running on a treadmill (your choice) with lactate measurements performed every stage. Lactate is measured via small amounts (a few drops) of blood taken from your finger. In addition, oxygen consumption is continuously measured by using a breath-by-breath metabolic cart. Heart rate and heart function is monitored through a 12-lead electrocardiogram. The results of this assessment will allow the Exercise Physiologist to prescribe personalized, specific heart-rate-based training zones.

Body Composition

Body composition via the iDexa is used to determine fat mass, bone mass and lean body mass. From this information your ideal body weight is determined.

Follow-Up Consultation

You will receive a report that includes a clear explanation and interpretation of all of your results. In addition, you will meet with an Exercise Physiologist who will explain all of your results and answer any questions. The physiologist will also prescribe an individualized training program based upon your complete physiological profile and your training and performance goals.



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